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1. Motorists _____ of speeding may be banned from driving for a year.

A. convicted B. arrested

C. charged D. judged

[答案] A. convicted.

[注释]be convicted to 被判有...... (罪) :He was convicted of murder. (他被法院判有谋杀罪。)

2. The reason why he adapted to the new situations quickly is that he has a _____ attitude.

A. changeable B. alternate

C. movable D. flexible

[答案] D. flexible.

[注释] flexible 灵活的, 可变通的; We need a foreign policy that is more flexible.

3. Will all those _____ the proposal raise their hands?

A. in relation to

B. in excess of

C. in contrast to

D. in favor of

[答案] D. in favor of.

4. An early typewriter produced letters quickly and neatly; the typist, _____ couldn't see his work on his machine.

A. however B. therefore

C. yet D. although

[答案] A. however.

[注释] however 然而。

本题译文:早期的打字机打起字来又快又整齐, 然而打字员不能看着机器键盘打字。

5. We are interested in the weather because it _____ us so directly ------ what we wear, what we do, and even how we feel.

A. benefits B. guides

C. affects D. effects

[答案] C. affects.

6. I can meet you at eight o'clock; _____ you can call for me.

A. incidentally B. actually

C. alternatively D. accordingly

[答案] C. alternatively

[注释]alternatively (=as an alternative) 作为一个替代办法:If however is used, but is not needed; or alternatively omit however. (如果使用however,就不需要but;或者作为一个替代办法省去however。)

[注意]alternately 和 alternatively的区别:alternately (交替地) :At a Chinese dinner, the guests and the hosts sit alternately at a round table.

7. He has the _____ of an athlete: he really goes all out to win.

A. instants B. instances

C. instincts D. intelligences

[答案] C. instincts.

[注释] instinct 天生的本领。instant n. 瞬间, 时刻; adj. 立即的, 直接的。如:instant coffee 速溶咖啡; instant food (s) 方便食品。例如:Spaceships are stocked with a variety of instant foods. (宇宙飞船上备有各种个样的方便食品。)

8. A university is an educational institution which _____ degrees and carries out research.

A. rewards B. awards

C. grants D. presents

[答案] B. awards.

[注释]awards sb. sth. 授于某人某物。如:They awarded John the first prize. (他们授于约翰一等奖。)

9. The old lady can't hope to _____ her cold in a few days.

A. get over B. get off C. hold back D. hold up

[答案] A. get over [

10. Jim's plans to go to college _____ at the last moment.

A. fell out B. gave away

C. gave off D. fell through

[答案] D. fell through,未能实现

11. The Department is also deeply _____ in various improvement schemes.

A. connected B. included

C. involved D. implied

[答案] C. involved.

[注释]be involved in 参与。Be included in 包括在......中。

12. Keys should never be hidden around the house since thieves _____ know where to look.

A. virtually B. variously

C. unavoidably D. invariably

[答案] D. invariably.

[注释]invariably 总是, 不变地。Virtually 事实上, 实际上。unavoidably不可避免地。

13. The boy had a _____ escape when he ran across the road in front of the bus.

A. close B. short

C. narrow D. fine

[答案] C. narrow. [注释]have a narrow escape 幸免遇难。

14. Do you mind if I _____ with my work while you are getting tea ready.

A. get through B. turn to

C. carry on D. come on

[答案] C. carry on. [注释]carry on 继续, 参看Ⅲ,28。

15. I left for the office earlier than usual this morning _____ traffic jam.

A. in line with

B. in case of

C. for the sake of

D. at the risk of

[答案] B. in case of.

In line with (=in agreement with) 与......一致, 符合:His actions were not in line with his belief.本句中in line with...作表语。In line with history and social evolution socialism is inevitable.本句中in line with引导地短语作状语, 意为“按照”。For the sake of 为了......起见。At the sake of冒......的风险。

16. The finance minister has not been so _____ since he raised taxes to such a high level.

A. popular B. well-known

C. favorable D. preferable

[答案] A. popular.

[注释]popular 此处意为“ (=liked and admired) 受爱戴的, 有名声或声望的”。

17. It is wrong for someone in such a high _____ in the government to behave too badly in public.

A. situation B. position

C. employment D. profession

[答案] B. position.

[注释]position 此句中指“地位” (不可数, 有时加不定冠词), 如:1) She was a woman of high position. 2) a high (low) position society.

18. We all knew from the very _____ that the plan would fail.

A. outcome B. outset

C. income D. output

[答案] B. outset.

[注释] outset 开端, 开始, from the very outset (从一开始) 。outbreak爆发, 发生。outcome结局. income 收入。output 产量。

19. He looked rather untidy as there were two buttons _____ from his coat.

A. loosing B. losing

C. off D. missing

[答案] D. missing.

[注释]missing 缺少的; a book with some missing pages. (缺页书) 。

20. Lawyers often make higher _____ for their work than they should.

A. bills B. charges

C. prices D. costs

[答案] B. charges.

[注释]make charges for对......收 (费) ; 索 (价) 。charge也可以用作动词, 表示“收费, 索价”, 如:1) We don't charge anything for that. (对此我们不收费。) 2) How much do you charge for a haircut? (理个发要收多少钱?)

21. The workmen made so much _____ that Mrs. Walker had to spend three days cleaning up afterwards.

A. trouble B. damage

C. mess D. nuisance

[答案] C. mess.

[注释]make mess弄得乱七八糟。Make a mess of“把......弄得乱七八糟”:He made a mess of his work. (他把他的工作搞得乱七八糟。)

22. They have held several meetings to _____ next year's production plans.

A. set down B. make out

C. work up D. draw up

[答案] D. draw up.


本题译文, 他们已开过几次会议来起草明年得生产计划。

23. How can we get this language point _____ to the students.

A. down B. round

C. across D. into

[答案] C. across.


本题译文, 我们怎样才能把这个语言点向学生讲清楚?

24. This book gives a brief _____ of the history of the castle and details of the art collection in the main hall.

A. outline B. reference

C. article D. outlook

[答案] A. outline.

[注释]outline 轮廓, 概要; give an outline of sth. 概要说明某事。

25. Dress warmly, _____ you'll catch cold.

A. on the contrary B. or rather

C. or else D. in no way

[答案] C. or else.

[注释]or else (=otherwise; if not) 否则:Hurry up, or (else) you'll be late.

26. Kate's ambition to become a nurse _____ from a desire to help others.

A. prompted B. promoted

C. programmed D. proceeded

[答案] D. proceeded.

27. The island where these rare birds nest has been declared a _____.

A. observation B. reservation

C. preservation D. conservation

[答案] D. conservation.

28. Although John was the eldest in the family, he always let his sister _____ charge of the house.

A. take B. hold

C. make D. get

[答案] A. take.

[注释]take charge of (=to be or become responsible for sb. or sth.) 负责、掌管、看管; He took charge of the department (or the children) .

29. The child enjoyed _____ up the wooden bricks then knocking them down.

A. adding B. pushing

C. piling D. forming

[答案] C. piling.

30. John was very upset because he was _____ by the police with breaking the law.

A. accused B. arrested

C. sentenced D. charged

[答案] D. charged.

[注释]be charged with受指控犯有......; He was charged with murder. (他受指控犯有凶杀罪。)









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